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There’s a winner at 145 Front’s apartments in downtown Worcester!

The Phenomenon

The #ThisisWorcester contest illuminated a lot of what makes Worcester unique. Its great restaurants, quirky shops and storied streets were all featured. And residents of our apartments in downtown Worcester responded with increasing enthusiasm. People all around town clamored to take part!


The Finalists

Live music hubs entered gritty shots of their regular performers. Photographs of George’s Coney Island hot dog shop made mouth-watering runner ups. Top finalists also included snapshots of joyous family moments, graffiti art and local landmarks.


The First-Place Photo

In the end, the photograph that most poignantly captured Worcester’s soul in transition won out. Worcester is in the middle of a profound transformation. How can a city develop without losing its heart or its people? What makes a town feel like home? How important is our history to us? These are the questions brought to mind by this winning image of Notre Dame des Canadiens. Under cloudy skies and the ominous shadow of a single crane, the church stands tall, proud and unmoved. Tradition will not fall. But the city will continue to grow and improve.


This is the mission of 145 Front: creating harmony in unexpected places. Joining disparate concepts to create something unique. Staying grounded while exploring. That’s what you can do at our apartments in downtown Worcester. Contact us today.