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The B13 downtown Worcester apartment says, “I’m here. And I’m on my way up.”

Nothing says up and coming like a 145 Front downtown Worcester apartment. Luxurious accents like designer fixtures on the soaking tub in your bath and convenient USB plugs in your kitchen island set these homes apart from the rest. At the same time, amenities that speak to your needs and your style abound at 145 Front. Commit to your dream apartment. Believe in your dream future. Choose B13.



Must-Have Features

B13 is the downtown Worcester apartment with the most architectural interest, even compared to other 145 Front residences. B13 possesses an interesting silhouette with remarkable functionality. Sharp lines, soaring glass windows and a charming view overlooking Union Station make you feel a flight above the rest.


Only 3 Left

These 2-bedroom, 2-bath masterpieces are disappearing left and right. Come in for a tour and you’ll quickly realize what makes them so appealing. A second bedroom is the perfect place for an efficient adjunct office or comfortable guest accommodations. A huge walk-in closet off the master bedroom is reminiscent of the well-lit dressing rooms that belonged to 50’s movie stars. Natural light happily streams into the main living area, where guests chatter amongst themselves. Just steps away is the kitchen, so guests can easily converse with the chef from their seat on the couch.


Two Months Free

The price for this phenomenal downtown Worcester apartment is noteworthy. Starting at just $2,335, including a TV and Internet package, you can make yourself a new home in B13. Positioned at the very corner of Front St. and Foster St., this apartment has the advantage of ample sunshine and expansive city views.


Take a tour today and in just moments, you will see why they’re in short supply. Make a statement about who you are and where you’re headed with the innovative B13.