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A new bikeshare directly across from the 145 Front apartments in downtown Worcester portends an even more convenient, environmentally friendly city.

Worcester is quickly becoming a new kind of city. Building on its artistic roots and community focus, City Manager Edward Augustus has made sweeping changes in favor of a more entrepreneurial, environmentally friendly and walkable Worcester. The 145 Front apartments in downtown Worcester are following that same path, with innovative features and helpful amenities like on-property bike storage. Now, with the addition of Ofo’s dockless bikesharing service, Worcester is better than ever!


An Inexpensive Alternative


There are several striking advantages to Ofo’s service. Unlike the closest equivalent in Boston, Ofo is inexpensive and simple. It’s less than half the hourly rate and without the exorbitant annual membership fee. Additionally, college students get half price. That’s only 50 cents! When was the last time you bought anything for 50 cents?!


A Better Commute

Ofo launched in Worcester in September of 2017, introducing 400 bikes throughout downtown. With so many bikes around, there will almost always be an empty one near you. Ofo is committed to making your commute better by reducing vehicle traffic and helping you make those last connections. Maybe your place of work is just a 10-minute bike ride from the closest metro stop. Without Ofo, this brisk, pleasant ride would be a grueling 30-minute walk…in a full suit!! But, Ofo isn’t just about getting things done faster and easier.


A Beautiful Afternoon

Ofo is about enjoying life. Worcester has a wealth of biking trails that 145 Front residents often ride on during relaxing summer afternoons. In addition, Worcester’s City Manager has made his plan for the town’s future biking trails clear. Augustus intends to connect these disparate trails into a logical, all-encompassing outdoor experience that every Worcesterian can enjoy.


The neighborhood surrounding the 145 Front apartments in downtown Worcester is more convenient and connected than ever. Take advantage of Ofo and all the other wonderful services nearby when you come to visit! Take a tour on the same day and you’ll have a chance to explore 145 Front’s astounding amenities, as well.