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When you live at 145 Front at City Square’s apartments in Worcester, you’ll be a part of the city’s transformation – just like Sherri and Alec.

The owners of the influential and award-winning Armsby Abbey attribute Worcester’s changing vibe to its newcomers. Sherri points out that “a lot of 20-somethings that are just out of college,” are staying downtown, and they’re bringing something new to the table. Something Alec and Sherri think the city needs.

But the trend supersedes the influx of residents in the last five years. The cultural shift in Worcester is about people and places like Armsby Abbey. The ones who make Worcester cool. “It’s amazing to see what Worcester has become since 2008,” says Sherri, with obvious community pride.

Since Armsby Abbey opened, downtown has changed significantly. “There’s a lot more options in the sense of good local food made with care and love,” Sherri explains, “and good hand-crafted ingredients behind the bar.”

This rise in quality fare is just one indication of the change in Worcester. It’s increasingly becoming the kind of place where you can express yourself honestly, a place that you can build your life and work around. Sherri mentions, “There is definitely a huge artistic community. We have a lot of artists that work here in their own right.” And the same creative spirit shines through in Armsby Abbey’s unique brews, entrees and small bites (or “Noshing”, as they put it on their menu).

Don’t get the impression, though, that Worcester is entirely edgy. There’s room to be different here and also room to grow. Alec began his career as a business owner at Dive Bar, a craft beer Mecca on Green Street. It’s a far cry from the sophisticated, farm-to-table eatery he currently runs – but both are a part of who he is.

In the same way, downtown Worcester is what it always was…yet it’s also different. Downtown has become a more lived-in place. “It feels great in the summer and the spring and early fall, when the kids are everywhere,” says Sherri. With a good school system, space for a large yard and a playground down every street, “there is a lot of opportunity for families.”

And 145 Front at City Square’s downtown Worcester apartments have a place for every step in the journey, from studios to two-bedrooms. We know your journey isn’t over yet and neither is Worcester’s. “We’re still on the upswing,” Sherri says, “We haven’t even come close to peaking out.” The city of Worcester is unassuming. It used to be a mere extension of Boston, but now it’s a force of its own. “Here we are, one of the top 10 cities in the country,” Sherri says, adding: “In a nutshell, we’re the little train that could.”

At 145 Front at City Square’s apartments in Worcester, you can become a part of Worcester’s story of change. Start the journey by getting in contact and touring the downtown Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square today.