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Meichi Peng Created the Perfect Look for these Downtown Worcester Apartments

When we spoke with Meichi Peng about her work at 145 Front, her enthusiasm was clear. Her career has continued to grow rapidly since her major breakthrough in 2010, when she was named the “Best Modern Designer” by Boston Home magazine, and a “Rising Star” by Metropolitan Home magazine. Now, as one of the most (prestigious) interior designers in Boston, she has the luxury of choosing projects that excite and intrigue her. It seems that the downtown Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square did just that.

Around Boston, “real estate has been booming,” said Peng. And she pointed out that it’s not just homes and apartments that are cropping up. “There’s a lot of new amenities around here, there’s a lot of restaurants,” Peng added.

These exciting trends definitely extend to Worcester, which is the 27th fastest growing real estate market in the United States today. Just since the New Year, seven brand new restaurants have opened up near the downtown Worcester apartments of 145 Front. Peng noted, “People do live close around the outside border. For a lot of young professionals, it’s just that the rent’s a little better, a little more affordable compared to the rent living in the Boston area.”

Perhaps this evolution is what brought Peng to Worcester? Either way, the match was perfect harmony for 145 Front at City Square downtown Worcester apartments. Although Peng has completed a wide variety of commercial and residential projects in and around Boston, her sophisticated and balanced style shines through in each case.

In 145 Front’s clubroom, her use of bold shapes and cool colors creates a lounge area that is both sleek and comfortable. Over in the lobby, clever division of space paired with transparent surfaces and lengthy diagonal views make for an airy, inviting entryway.

At 145 Front at City Square’s downtown Worcester apartments, you can make yourself right at home amidst Peng’s enthralling, eclectic design. Being downtown has never been better! Get in contact today and see what 145 Front has in store for you.