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Our downtown Worcester apartments are designed to make being fit a piece of cake.

Worcester is a city that’s meant to be explored with intention, experienced brick by brick. No fly-by-night, van-life tourist has ever really known it. It’s locals who attended the first-ever Boynton Beer Dinner and it’ll be a local who discovers the next big thing at Seed to Stem. But, being a dedicated explorer means you need the right tools and a healthy body. The 145 Front downtown Worcester apartments are here to keep you trucking, through every brewery and deep-fried treat.


Locals Embrace Ofo

Explorers know: you can only go so far on foot. Take advantage of the Ofo station next door to bypass the familiar and discover the extraordinary. Build leg strength and cycling skill at the same time, by tackling some of Worcester’s city slopes or visiting Green Hill Park.


Locals Chill Out

The resort-style pool at 145 Front is for decompressing, de-stressing, and basking in the fact that you have nothing to do. After a long day exploring the city, nothing is more appealing. Except maybe grabbing a drink at Armsby Abbey


If a bar crawl isn’t your idea of a good time, find some headspace in the yoga room. Then, head back to your place for a shower and a bite to eat. These downtown Worcester apartments are designed for your complete comfort. Don’t hesitate to ask your concierge for assistance with anything you might need.


Locals Get It Done

The less time you spend in the gym, the more time you can spend enjoying life in your favorite town. Visit the spin studio for some high-intensity interval training and you’ll be out in 20 minutes. Bring the crew to the weight room to try a workout circuit on the SYNRGY360 system and you’ll feel the difference.


When the exploring is done, and you’ve marked your mental map with all your phenomenal finds, you can retire with delight to your perfectly appointed home. Tour the 145 Front downtown Worcester apartments today and see why locals love it more.