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Celebrate the possibility of Saturday in and around your downtown Worcester apartment

Saturday is about the unexpected; limitless possibilities. You can start the day late, lounging in the early afternoon sunlight. Or, you can rise bright and early, hitting the farmer’s markets first thing. You might spend the night on a transcendent pub crawl…or you might host a few friends for a cult-classic marathon in your downtown Worcester apartment. So here’s a toast to Saturday. Versatile. Full of promise. Bursting with possibilities. What will you do this Saturday?

Early Birds

Worcester has some of the greatest small businesses in the state. Local markets, delis and bakeries provide amazingly fresh food. But, you have to get there early. The same is true of Worcester’s vintage clothing stores and curio shops. To fuel your day, consider an early morning mocha at one of more than 10 local coffee shops just blocks from your downtown Worcester apartment.


You can find the perfect midday pick-me-up in this city. Tempting smells of grilling meat and simmering pasta sauces waft through the streets at lunchtime. Italian bakeries, frozen yogurt shops and authentic bakeries are right around the corner. This amazingly walkable town will have you strolling and munching all day long. And when you get tired, you can head back to your cozy bed at 145 Front.


Night Owls

Worcester’s night life is not to be compared with that of any other East Coast city. Worcester residents possess a verve, an unmistakable enthusiasm for life that produces inimitable experiences. Sit down to a delectable dinner at Lock 50 and you’ll feel nothing but gratitude. You have the opportunity to live in this amazing city, eat delicious food with your closest friends and truly enjoy life. What could be better than a downtown Worcester apartment?

A glass of wine and a platter of food on a table at Armsby Abbey in downtown Worcester

What will you do with your own Saturday? Spend the day luxuriating in your downtown Worcester apartment? Or finding the best new spot for live music? Wake up with the birds and make yourself a big breakfast – or crash the pub scene with your best mates. The choice is yours. The one thing that’s non-negotiable? Touring 145 Front.