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When You Live at 145 Front at City Square, you’ll have a Worcester apartment just steps from Lock 50

Ed Russo had a vision. Transform an early 20th century building in Worcester’s Canal District into downtown’s most unique restaurant. In 2016, he opened Lock 50 and took Worcester’s dining scene to the next level.

Like the downtown Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square, Lock 50 is part of the city’s ongoing renaissance. And Russo hasn’t stopped with his restaurant. As a member of the Canal District Alliance, he’s working with others in the area to make the Canal District one the city’s top destinations for shopping and dining.

Russo has also taken the lead in establishing the Worcester Wine Festival, an annual celebration of wine, with events all over downtown. His love of wine and Worcester’s booming downtown scene inspired him to push for the event. In a lot of ways, it’s an extension of the wine program he already runs at Lock 50.

“Boston, New York, all these places have these exciting and successful wine festivals, so we said, ‘We need a wine festival.’ I thought it would kind of natural I start it because of all we do here,” he told the Worcester Business Journal.

But despite the Wine Festival’s big-city feel, Russo believes it’s Worcester’s smaller-town attitude that makes it so special. “Everyone knows each other,” he says. And that’s what makes Worcester such a great place to live. “You can have a big-city life, living in a luxury apartment downtown next to city hall, but still walk out the door and know that… it’s a pretty cool town,” he says.

Perhaps no place captures the blending of big city with cool town more than does Lock 50. After all, it’s a family-run restaurant, with Russo’s son serving as his business partner and Russo’s nephew serving as chef. And yet, it’s the place to go for modern cuisine and an urban-style dining experience.

It’s not overstating it to say Lock 50 captures exactly what makes Worcester great. And so do the Worcester apartments at 145 Front.