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When you live at 145 Front at City Square, you’ll have a Worcester apartment just steps from Seed to Stem.

Candace Atchue and Virginia Orlando have a passion for all things natural. With Seed to Stem, they’ve turned that passion into one of downtown Worcester’s most unique stores.

Located at Crompton Place, around the corner from the Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square, Seed to Stem is a lifestyle boutique, featuring the beautiful diversity of the natural world. From gorgeous plants to unusual botanicals to home accessories, handmade goods and carefully curated antiques, the shop celebrates the ways the elements around us can become the most entrancing parts of our homes.

“We started planting inside of seashells, skulls and other unique items because they make beautiful natural vessels,” Atchue said in an interview with the Worcester Sun. “We also are attracted to the juxtaposition between living plants and the sculptural non-living elements.”

They began selling their eclectic wares in a corner of an antique shop. From there, they opened a storefront on Shrewsbury and, a few years later, expanded to a larger store within Crompton Place, joining a growing collection of vendors and eateries.

Over that time, they’ve gotten to know downtown Worcester well—and they’ve watched it become an increasingly popular destination. “People are driving an hour, an hour-and-a-half, just to come to this building,” Orlando says. “We had people in here the other day from Australia. They found us on social media, so they flew into Boston, then they came here.”

As downtown continues to grow, Atchue and Orlando will continue to be a part, selling their decorative plants and distinctive wares, offering workshops and providing floral arrangements for weddings and events.

In many ways, Seed to Stem is the perfect representation of the unique aesthetic that makes downtown Worcester such an enjoyable place to live. You can stop in regularly when you live in the Worcester apartments at 145 Front.