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When you live at the Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square, you’ll be connected to all the city has to offer.

From the time when Brendan Melican and Iris Lyons officially bought WooBerry in early September, 2016, they’ve made a lot of changes. They’ve added pints to the menu, an outdoor mural on West St., an indoor gallery space, delivery service (via the WooBerry bike), and vegan ice cream options. But one thing at WooBerry hasn’t changed: it still serves top quality frozen yogurt, which is why it was voted the Best of Worcester five years running!


Fundamentally, Melican and Lyons want their products to bring people together.

And Worcester is the perfect place to accomplish their mission. People here come from all over, from “DC, Manhattan, Brooklyn,” says Melican, “and they set up shop, plant roots.” Because Worcester is the kind of place where someone whose family has lived there for generations can sit side-by-side with the new kid on the block and bond over a bowl of ice cream.

As more businesses like WooBerry start up in Worcester, it’s becoming a nightly destination for out-of-towners. When Melican and his wife are out at a restaurant, he says, they’re “more likely to be sitting next to a couple from Boston” than a pair of locals. And Worcester has more than dinner and dessert going for it. Worcester also has good music, good art, and good tattoo shops, if that’s your thing. All blocks away from the Worcester apartments of 145 Front at City Square.

“Even as a lifer, you’re gonna find the unexpected, no matter where you turn,” because downtown Worcester is changing all the time. It’s the center of cultural life here, connecting all of the adjacent neighborhoods. “They all have their own sort of distinct flavor, and the one thing they all have in common is they feed directly into downtown Worcester.”

And that’s the best thing about Worcester, says Melican: what it represents. “It’s accessibility, it’s affordability.” Worcester offers easy access to the surrounding regions, which is a boon for residents of the 145 Front at City Square apartments in downtown Worcester. You too can become a part of the deeply connected community that surrounds 145 Front at City Square. Start by getting in touch today!