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What does this popular restaurant have in common with 145 Front at City Square’s apartments in Worcester?

Actually, quite a lot.

The Boynton is forged in classic Worcester style. It brings together traditional, local elements and modern flavor. Its exposed, rustic brickwork originally housed a small tavern in the 1930’s. And its namesake, John Boynton, cofounded the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, all the way back in 1865.

Long row of beer taps at The Boynton in downtown Worcester

Since its construction, the building has undergone several renovations, the most recent of which was completed in 2004. This development, like the construction of the 145 Front at City Square apartments in Worcester, is yet another representation of the growing tide of change in the city.

The Boynton’s owner, Bill Bourbeau, is excited about that change. He embraces the revitalization of “big old abandoned gorgeous factory buildings” into businesses and lofts, the apartments in Worcester being just one great example. How does Bourbeau define this movement? “Sum it up in one word: audacious,” says Bourbeau. Much like the design of 145 Front at City Square, Worcester’s ongoing facelift is a bold step in the right direction.

Bill Bourbeau, Executive Chef and General Manager of The Boynton

The boisterous owner and staff at The Boynton are positively charming, while the menu itself is full of audacious, delectable dishes. In addition to a wide variety of food options, you’ll find three beers available on cask at The Boynton. Popular choices include the Chicken Bomber, the fried pickles, and the trademark “Boynton Bucket” (a cocktail served in a plastic children’s sand pail – shovel included).

The Boynton isn’t right in downtown Worcester, but as Brendan Melican, co-owner of WooBerry, noted in his own interview, surrounding neighborhoods are closely connected to the city center. Bourbeau says he appreciates how the city’s tried to create a more centralized culture over the last few years, especially “what they’ve done in the canal district, which is amazing.”

One advantage of this increasing affiliation is that people feel welcome. “Everybody feels like they’re always comfortable walkin’ in the doors,” says Bourbeau. The designers of 145 Front at City Square tried to capture this feeling at the apartments in Worcester, beginning with an open and inviting lobby. Get in contact today and come see for yourself.